Mind Over Mushroom is a turn-based tactics game with non grid-based movement

A battle in fungues-covered, ancient ruins Glowing mushrooms in a cave Battle in the Pumpkin Patch Battle map with two stream crossings
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Free-form, non-grid based movement system. Make your moves based on distance instead of the squares of a grid.

Non grid-based movement in the jungle Non grid-based movement along narrow sea cliffs Non grid-based movement in the pumpkin patch

Challenging turn-based tactical combat. Approach each battle with your own strategy and utilize a variety of status effects in clever ways.

Mage casting a fireball at an enemy character Several characters getting attacked by a powerful boss ability on a tropical island map Battle map featuring a windmill atop a strategic overlook
The game is currently under development and is planned to release sometime this year
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Numerous distinct character types to unlock, each with their own unique abilities - from carnivorous plants and walking bombs, to necromancers and giant snails. Begin each battle by choosing your forces to best suit the tactical situation at hand and your own strategic approach.

Some of the character types, including the mage, giant snail, traveler, and tar slime Several different characters, including the swashbuckler, marauder, and carnivorous plant A few of the different types of characters, including the rifleman and stone golem

Fight your way though 25+ tactical battles set in a variety of diverse locations, from dark caves and expansive deserts to dense jungles and foreboding wastelands.

Pumpkin Patch Bone Wastes Wetlands Overworld
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